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9 Things You Should Know Before Buying Custom Bulk Yoga Mats

So, you've started to get yoga practice seriously and now, and you're looking to buy custom bulk yoga mats? If you're new to yoga, the chances are you've never had an experience in buying custom yoga mats. Don't worry, we've all been there.   Here are 10 things you should be aware of before ordering your first custom bulk yoga mats:  

#1 Avoid Slippery Yoga Mats

Avoid slippery yoga mat The most crucial thing you want to check when buying a yoga mat is the level of slipperiness and the upper material. There is nothing worse than practice on a slippery yoga mat. One of the most practical advice is to put your hands on the mat and try to perform simple yoga positions. If your hands are sliding, then skip that mat and try out others until you find a non-slippery one.   Looking to get a durable and non-slippery yoga mat? Head over to a huge selection of non-slippery yoga mats and pick yours.   If you bought a slippery mat, don't worry, here are 9 tips you can apply to make your yoga mat less slippery.  

#2 Weight is Important

Weight is important   Who'd like to carry around a bulky yoga mat? Simply go with as light as possible mat, but don't forget to check the level of padding. The most convenient yoga mats range from 2 - 4 lbs.  

#3 Don't Be Afraid to Spend a Bit More 

Invest a bit more moneyWhen buying anything in bulk, people usually tend to save as much money as possible. Don't be one of these people and invest a bit more in your custom bulk yoga mats. There are many reasons why to go with a bit more expensive mat. The first thing you want is your mat get worn off quickly. That usually happens with cheap yoga mats.   Also, you don't want a mat filled with harmful and cancerous materials that are usually very slippery too.   Invest a bit more money while getting a bulk of custom yoga mats.  

#4 Choose a Funny Design on Bright Colors

Choose bright colorsDid you know that it's proven people love to be involved with funny people or things? Well, the same goes for a yoga mat. Don't get a dull looking and dark colored mat. Instead, go for a bright colored mat with a beautiful design that can be motivational text or anything that motivates you to practice.  

#5 Go with PVC-Free Mats

PVC free yoga matWhen doing yoga, don't forget about long-term health. There are all kind health and environment disruptions connected to PVC materials, so simply invest a bit more money to get a good-quality PVC-free yoga mat. If you're looking for additional yoga equipment, like yoga blocks, don't forget to invest in PVC-free yoga blocks to preserve the environment.   Non-PVC yoga mat tends to be less-slippery and more durable which justifies the higher price.  

#6 Check the Level of Padding

Level of paddingBeginners in yoga usually experience discomfort while practicing which is totally normal. If you're experiencing discomfort because of the thickness of your yoga mat, then you should definitely look for thicker padding.   The mats with better padding cost more, but it will give you a better grip and much more comfort while practicing.  

#7 Get custom bulk yoga mats from a reputable company

Pick a reputable companyThe last thing you want to do is ending up with a bulk of yoga mats that are poorly made. This thing usually happens if you're looking to save some money and go with lower quality yoga mats that you can find in your regular grocery store. Don't make that mistake and pick tested mats from a reputable company.   We ensure the highest quality custom yoga mats for our customers.  

#8 Get a fitting mat for the type of yoga you're performing

Get the right sizeThe type of yoga mat hugely depends on the kind of practice. For instance, if you're practicing Yin yoga, then you should go for a thicker mat since the sessions are long and a thin mat can cause the injury.   Are you practicing a hot yoga where you tend to sweat a lot? You have to go with the mat with a lot of texture since you want to avoid slipperiness. Looking to make your yoga practice more diverse and interesting? Check out our custom yoga straps.  

#9 Size Matters

Size really mattersSize of the mat is essential, especially if extremely high people practice some yoga. You don't want to get too big or too small mat since it will take away more space than needed and also, it can be tough to travel with it. Be sure to check the sizes of yoga mats before going for one.
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