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12 corporate company giveaway ideas

Holding a corporate event? It is always a good idea to give out items that create impressions in the heart of the participants. The unique corporate gift can be branded with your company’s logo or business message. These promotional items are convenient ways of showing your employees and colleagues that you care. In addition, it will further promote your brand. Here are 12 interesting company giveaway ideas for your next event.

Laptop Backpack

The laptop backpack is an excellent giveaway item for your corporate event. Equipped with a large main compartment, sturdy plastic guard, adjustable shoulder pads, and laptop compartment, the backpack can be branded with your company’s logo and distributed to participants.

Touchscreen stylus ballpoint pen

This twist action copper pen has a lacquer finish and a silicon rubber stylus that can be used for an iPad or other touchscreen devices. It is available black and blue ink and can be imprinted with your brand name.

Wireless laser pointer

This is the perfect gift for facilitators. The pointer is used for presentations and has a laser pointer, remote control, and up/down scroll buttons. The customizable gift box contains the extension cord and the laser pointer.

Photo portfolio

This gift will be loved by recipients. It is designed for professionals and made from cowhide leather. It has a magnetic closure, and additional pockets for pens, business cards, and documents.

Click pens

The retractable click pen is a common gift at corporate events. It can be branded and distributed to participants for taking notes during sessions.

Tote bags

These bags are perfect for mall shopping or when going to the beach. It is comfortable to carry and is tear and water-resistant.

 Neon sunglasses

Your employees will certainly love the neon sunglasses. It has a premium feel and gives a classic look that will make them want to wear it repeatedly. It is fully customizable with custom logos and names.

Lunch bags

Custom imprinted lunch bags is a great way to save money while looking stylish. It is great for snacks and picnics.

Jotter Pad

The jotter pad is excellent for taking notes and makes the perfect desk accessory. It has sticky page flags and hardcover binding

Led key chain

The keychain helps keep keys in one place and has led light for night’s use. It can be imprinted with your company’s info and is available in different colors.

2-in-1 charging cable

The micro USB cable is useful for charging Android phones, Apple® iPhone® or other cell phones. It comes with a customizable handle.


The leather-wrapped tumblers are impressionable gifts that will sit well with your clients and employees. It is insulated, splash resistant and washable. You can also read tips for winter promotional packages.
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