Which Type of Surfboard to Buy?

When it comes to surfboards there are so many different types out there that you may not know what type of surfboard it is and what it does differently. Well in this post we will go through the main types of surfboards for you to get a better understanding of which type of surfboard to buy?




Malibu Mal

This is the H63:H71 style of surfboard ridden by the Hawaiian pioneers of surfing which back then was carved wood. The Malibu Mal is the type of surfboard to buy for beginners up to advanced riders usually in small to medium waves when the surf is fat (The face of the wave is not very steep next to the foam area where it is breaking). There are different types of Malibu’s ranging from soft top boards for the beginner’s up to nose riders for the advanced doing hang 10’s (10 toeshanging off the nose of the board).  




Mini Mal

The mini mal is the same shape as a Malibu but smaller than 9’0 foot it is used by again a range from beginners to advanced riders normally in small to medium waves which are fat and need the extra foam to catch and ride the waves. Recommended for beginners, feel the maneuverability of a Disrupt Mini Mal.


              Gun surfboard type      


The gun is a board ranging from 6’6 to 10 foot and is resembles a large short board design, but with a thin nose and tail they are made for large to massive waves and are for advanced surfers. Gun surfboards are made for speed and stability on huge waves which are usually double overhead or more.    



Short Board

  The short board is the performance end of surfing these are the types of boards pro surfers use to surf in competitions they vary in all different sizes , widths and lengths depending on the individual who is ridding them. Check out the Disrupt Surfing Cloud shortboard, a hybrid surfboard, good to get you going in a junk session, yet nimble enough for when the party gets started. These type of surfboards are ridden from anywhere between 1 to 10 foot but with most boards having a sweet spot of 2 to 6 foot. Short boards have a high level of maneuverability and suit waves which have some power either steep or hollow. Surfer’s ability ranges from intermediate to advanced.  



Fun Board (Egg Board)

The fun boards are often short boards which have been squished and thickened up and are generally ridden 4 to 6 inches shorter ( If you ride a 5’10 short board you would ride these board 5’6 to 5’4). The Disrupt Eggnog is perfect for the small or fat mediocre conditions often found on Sydney beaches. They are generally flatter bottomed for increased speed and have an even greater maneuverability than a short board and are ideal for surf around 1 to 3 foot. The surfer’s abilities should be intermediate to advanced.




A fish board is the type of surfboard to buy for fat or small days as an alternative to the mal or mini mal it is generally wide and thick for extra paddling power it is used generally by intermediate to advanced surfers and can make a great transition board for a beginner who has mastered going across and turning on a mal or mini mal. With a fish tail the Disrupt Supa Mini Mal offers more foam and v-cut out of the back to get you on that wave in no time.
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