What Can I Do If I Buy the Wrong Surfboard?

The worry on everyone's mind when purchasing a new board is, "What can I do if I buy the wrong surfboard? The wrong equipment can make all of the difference. Factors that might not register to beginner surfers like volume of the board, can be the difference from being able to paddle out and getting stuck in the white water. For more advanced riders the addition of 1 litre can be the difference between good and bad surf sessions. As the surf industry has grown there has been a point of emphasis on the customization of each board to each rider. In most cases if you purchase the wrong board you are unfortunately stuck with it. However at Disrupt we have a 365 day return policy so if it turns out that your board isn’t quite right for you, or you aren’t satisfied, we can refund you. To ensure you’re getting the ideal board for you check out our online board configurator which generates a custom for you by your specs from age, weight, ability and fitness. Also if you see a board you like and you want to give it a test run come along to one of our Disrupt Demo days where you can surf our boards free! Keep an eye on our  website to find out when we’re coming to a beach near you.

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