What are the Best Surfboards to Learn On?

What are the Best Surfboards to Learn On?

So you want to learn to surf? Well let's go through a list of the best surfboards to learn on and get you started. There are three types of boards that we recommend. And sorry, none of them are a shortboard. To ensure fast progression in surfing, opt for one of these classics, long boards are the best surfboards to learn on.


1. The Mini Mal

Mini Mals or Mini Malibu’s are one of the best surfboards to learn on, they’re not as bulky as longboards but are still super buoyant with awesome paddle power to ensure you get out the back faster! The key features of Mini Mals is the manoeuvrability of a shorter stick, but the buoyancy of a longboard. See our Disrupt Mini Mals that come with a thruster (or three fin) setup and are completely custom.




2. The Longboard

Longboards are the true surfing traditionalists, if you learn on one; you may never want to make the transition to a shorter board. Longboards or ‘logs’ range from 8’ upwards have a curved nose and generally range from a single fin to a thruster setup. Your log will boast the best paddling in the line-up, the most buoyant and the biggest! The type of surfing on a longboard differs from their shorter counterparts, with a stylish, cruisy way of being ‘atone’ with the wave, rather than thrashing it apart, as you would on a shortboard. Disrupt has an awesome range of longboards ranging from high performance, to cruising vessels.




3. The Foam board

Foamboards or affectionately name ‘foamies’ are a bit of a hybrid between the longboard and mal. With the thickness, buoyancy and paddle power of alongboard and the manoeuvrability and size of a mini mal you’ll have the best of both boards. Foamies are specially crafted for beginners and are some of the best surfboards to learn on, with a soft foam top, so if you stack (which is guaranteed), you won’t be injured from the hard fibreglass tops of longboards and mals.
Foam board
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