Should I Rinse my Surfboard with Fresh Water or Salt Water?

After purchasing a surfboard it is important to keep it in good condition. Things like rinsing with salt water vs. fresh water can make the difference on the length of the life of your surfboard. A question that often arises with beginner surfers is, "Should I rinse my surfboard with fresh water or salt water?"

Rinse the Surfboard with Fresh Water

Definitely stick to freshwater, as saltwater is corrosive to the board. When you rinse your surfboard with fresh water it will allow you to keep your board looking as good as new for as long as possible. Also, try and keep your board out of the sun to avoid the colours from fading. Quality surfboards can be pricey and you want to ensure that it stays as strong, and the colours as beautiful, as the day you bought it.

After you rinse your surfboard with fresh water, it is also important to protect the surfboard from damage outside of the water. Dings or dents can and do happen everywhere: at home, during travel, on the beach, etc. Once you get a ding in your board, it will be even more vulnerable to salt water corrosion.

Investing in a bag for your surfboard is a great way to protect it long term. Be sure to check out the Disrupt Surfing bags in order to protect your surfboard from any damage. You can also design your own surfboard right here! Just make sure to grab a bag to store it in to protect the design!

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