Where is the Proper Place To Stand on a Surfboard?

Where Is The Best Place To Stand On Your Surfboard?  

Proper Place To Stand on a Surfboard

Finding the proper place to stand on a surfboard will come naturally with time but we have some tips for you in the meantime. Stand side on, with your back foot midway towards the back of the board. If you have a tailpad, this is where it should be. Your front foot should be just below  the centre of the board. This will prevent the board from nose diving, and the tail from digging in too deep.

According  to the clever bunch at SurfScience.com they have made it easy for you to locate your sweet spot. One easy way to find the proper place to stand on a surfboard is to simply hold the board in one hand like a scale and find the spot where it stays balanced in place as you hold. When the board stops moving, take a note of where your hand is, and  make sure that spot is between where your feet would normally go. Grab a board today and get out there and learn how to surf!

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