How Long Is It Going To Take Me To Ride My First Wave?

How Long Will It Take Me To Ride My First Wave?

Typically for any beginner, we would suggest taking a few lessons to begin with just so you can get the hang of the motions, as well as being able to ask as many questions to your expert teacher. After a few lessons, it is up to the individual and how often they are willing to spend in the water practising. Some people pick up how to catch a wave quickly, while others, it takes longer to learn how to balance and get used to the movements.

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The more hours you spend working on your fitness and in the water, typically will allow the surfer to see results quicker and more regularly. It's important when beginning to surf to pick the right days to go out to practice. Picking the right waves to learn on and to catch is vital. Sometimes the swell is just too big. On days when the waves are big it can be dangerous and counter productive to go out. There are also days when there are too many rips. Try to avoid these days as they don't provide good waves to practice on and don't help build up the confidence you need to continue to improve. For your first wave, try to go a small yet powerful enough day. Usually a calm day with small waves will be enough for you to learn to paddle, get on the wave and stand up on the wave. In saying that it is important to try and go on waves which will challenge you and force you to improve. So when the surf is performing make sure you get out and perform too! Check out Surfing for Beginners 101 for some more useful information on learning to ride your first wave. Get amongst it.

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