FCS Fins or Future Fins Bases?

We will take a look and see what the difference is between the two fins to give you a better understanding when deciding on FCS Fins or Future fins bases for your surfboard.


FCS Fins

  • Emerged in the early 90’s
  • Has two tabs at the bottom
  • Used By many pro surfers, including Kelly Slater
  • They are removable fins. FCS now has many different models but most are screwed in place. Although they now have the FCS2, which has no screwing and pops in and out
  • A plus of the FCS fins is that at around 75 kg-80 kg of pressure they will break off and therefore be less likely to damage the fin box itself.
  • This breaking off with pressure makes the FCS set up favorable for beginners, as they are less likely to damage their board.

Future Fins

  • Emerged in 1996
  • Removable fins
  • Has one tab running the whole length of the board with one screw at the front
  • This one tab makes it a favourable for professional surfers as it has a solid, more glassed on feel to the fin.
  • The disadvantage is that the fin is less likely to break and may damage the board when struck with a lot of pressure.


For beginners we advise FCS because of the advantage of the fins breaking before wrecking the board. But other than that, it’s really personal choice of what you prefer. So go test them out and see what feels right! Here at Disrupt Surfing, we can do both but focus on boards with FCS fin boxes and have FCS fins available for sale at a fraction of the price here.  
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