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Yoga 101 – Which Yoga Mats Are Recyclable?

Many people who practice yoga like to use mats that are recyclable. This helps to give back to the environment and allows people to stay eco-friendly in their day to day product […]

February 25, 2018

How to Wash a Yoga Mat if it Smells

Nothing is worse than the smell of a dirty yoga mat that’s soaked up your sweat. The smell can even prohibit you from being your best, and could potentially stop […]

February 14, 2018

A Beginners Guide To Rugby Balls

If you’re in the market for a rugby ball, then this guide should steer you in the right direction of getting a better understanding about them. Not only will we […]

February 9, 2018

Best Ways to Hold the Ping Pong Paddle

If you’re a ping pong player who’s getting better at your game, then you should consider thinking about a new way to hold your paddle when playing. Most professional players […]

February 7, 2018

Tips For Choosing The Right Soccer Ball

Having a good soccer ball is essential to the game. You don’t want to choose the wrong soccer ball and pay the price for it, and that’s why we’re going […]

February 6, 2018

Boxing 101: What Boxing Gloves to Choose so Your Fist Doesn’t Hurt

Nobody likes to feel pain when they box. Boxing should be fun, and pain does come with the sport. However, you shouldn’t feel pain on your fists when you’re boxing. Let’s talk […]

January 28, 2018

Best Ways to Make Your Ping Pong Paddle More Sticky

How to Test Ping Pong Paddle Stickiness The first thing you need to do before you go and make your ping pong paddle stickier is to measure the current stickiness of […]

January 26, 2018

Ping Pong 101: Which Side of The Ping Pong Paddle to Use

If you’re a ping pong player trying to up your game then you should learn about which side of the paddle to use. As you can probably see, both sides […]

January 21, 2018

Types of Yoga Mats to Buy Online – What Are The Best Yoga Mats?

Yoga is a great way for you to exercise, relax during your day, build confidence, and manage your anxiety all at the same time. Yoga has been used more and […]

January 21, 2018

Ping Pong 101: Why Your Ping Pong Paddle Red & Black? Why 2 Different Colors?

If you’ve played ping pong before then you probably want to know why both sides of the ping pong paddle are different colors. Specifically, red and black. Let’s talk about […]

January 15, 2018
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