Boxing 101: What Boxing Gloves Does Each Regulation Weight Class Use?

December 31, 2017
by Robert

It’s important for you to know about boxing regulations if you want to be a boxer or stay up to date with the community. Something really important is boxing weight classes. Every weight class has it’s own boxing glove regulation. Let’s dive in and learn more about this!

What Are The Boxing Weight Classes?

The first thing for you to know is the list of weight classes. Having weight classes is really important to make for fair fighting! You wouldn’t want to weigh 100 pounds and fight a 300 pounder. Each weight class has to fight using their own specifically weighted boxing glove. This is to ensure of the best fight possible, since heavier people with more experience should be using heavier gloves and vice versa. One of the most important things about being in a certain weight classes is the actual weight of the glove in ounces. There aren’t too many variations. But, the ones that exist are necessary.

Here is a list:

boxing weight classes

What Are The Glove Weights in These Classes?

To start, you should understand the differences between boxing gloves. There are training gloves, and then there are bag gloves.  Bag gloves are specifically for training, whereas you can use your training gloves in your actual fight. These must meet a certain standard of weight. Most people wear 12-16 ounce gloves when fighting. Here are the fighting glove weights:


 Weight Class Glove Weight
 Pro Welterweight & Under 8 Oz Gloves
 Pro Super-welterwight & Over 10 Oz Gloves
 Amateur 165 Lbs and Over 12 Oz Gloves
 Amateur 152 Lbs and Under 10 Oz Gloves
boxing weight class

What’s The Reasoning for the Glove Weights?

The reason for the weights are as follows:

  1. Lighter gloves are for fighters to allow them to use more speed in their fighting. When the rules are positioned for a weight class to have lighter gloves, then it’s because the speed of the punches need to be increased for that weight size. Lighter gloves also tend to land less power, since it’s less weight hitting your skull.
  2. Heavy gloves, on the contrary, allow for fighters to have more power in their fights with less speed. This is typically used for heavier fighters because they can better handle the heavier gloves. (As they’re more proportionate to their body).
  3. The pros tend to use lighter gloves. They want their fans to see faster, better fights with more punches thrown. Having lighter gloves helps allow this happen.


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